Updating mac os

I dont really need ac in this tower as I use ethernet for communication.

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The card gives you Bluetooth 4.0 basically, unfortunately these models don't have the 802.11ac wifi like the newer Retinas.

Had to enable all the features by using Continuity Activation tool, (at github.com/dokterdok/Continuity-Activation-Tool/ ? There are not many reports from 17" Mac Book Pro users who performed such a swap.

It is highly recommended not to mine on a "compact" Mac unless it is to a USB device.So keeping thumbs up for this card in old-style Mac Pros!Cheers, Stefan"(Updated 10/22/2014 for OS X 10.10.0 Yosemite notes) After updating to OS X Yosemite, this Asus card now works flawlessly. For some reason Yosemite supports the ac protocol far better, at least with this Asus card - while frequent Mavericks updates had not changed the situation since March 2014.(added 4/22/2015) "802.11AC Mac adapters - Last Update on Asus PCE-AC68 PCIe card This is my last update on this card because my Mac Pro 3.1 (still performing very well) goes out of my house and is replaced by a nice i Mac.Under OS X Yosemite 10.10.3, I did a last short speed test with the Mac Pro standing next to the Netgear R7500 router - and this card just performs incredibly: Bandwith: full 1300 MBit/s resulting in download speeds from my NAS of up to 80 MByte/s, which is probably the maximum that my NAS can do And: On longer distances, my new i Mac cannot match the reception of the Mac Pro with external antennas, but that was a tradeoff I took.

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