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A leading cosmetic doctor claims that the treatment may ‘speed up the ageing process’, while one woman told this newspaper that she ‘aged overnight’ after having Ultherapy.

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In none of the available literature has volume loss or skin laxity been observed as a possible side effect.but physicians are not restricted from treating the full face.’Such treatment would be considered an ‘off-label’ – the common practice of using a drug or treatment outside the terms of its licence.While doctors may legally use their discretion to administer a drug or treatment ‘off-label’ if it is deemed in the best interest of a patient, and if there is good evidence such action would be beneficial, pharmaceutical companies are prohibited from encouraging this.’ An illustration of areas of the face that are treated appears to include the cheeks, and around the cheekbones and temples. In a case against Ulthera on behalf of three American patients, personal injury specialists Harman Law state: ‘Merz requested from the FDA, and the FDA denied, clearance to market Ultherapy for use on the face…Merz nonetheless systematically and deliberately marketed Ultherapy for use on the entire face…

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