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She can even handle the ultra-surrealism of Holy Motors, so top marks for that.

Sexiest Role: She breaks hearts in With her classically sculpted features, Cate Blanchett sometimes seems like a Golden Age Hollywood star more than an actress of today.

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Milla Jovovich decided to do something very different – and succeeded.Want to know who made the top twenty of Hollywood's sexiest ladies and gents? Or check out how the guys fared with our countdown of the top 50 sexiest male stars."When you looked at that picture, you were not looking at her.Musicals have also been kind to her, particularly Les Misérables, where she turns what can be the bland role of Cosette into something a little more.Sexiest Role: Needy in A teen beauty queen, Halle Berry has showed a real willingness to work against her own gorgeousness when the job requires it (as in her big break, Spike Lee's Jungle Fever).

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