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While the laws are primarily meant to protect children from potential threats by former sex offenders and child predators on Halloween, critics believe these Halloween restriction laws infringe on an individual's fundamental rights -- at least on one "scary" day of the year.Halloween Restriction or "No Candy" Laws -- What are They?In addition, a California law, known as "Operation Boo", allows officials to conduct nighttime checks on the evening of Halloween to make sure some registered sex offenders are insider their homes with the lights out.

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Other states, including Florida, restrict paroled sex offenders from distributing candy and wearing costumes on Halloween night.

Controversies The controversies surrounding "No Candy" laws stem from the idea that sex offenders who have already been punished for their crime are being unfairly targeted and subject to additional penalties.

Also, critics say that the laws create a fear that registered sexual offenders will re-offend -- a fear that is not based on any empirical data.

The laws seem to fall into one of two main categories: (1) specific restrictions on registered sex offenders, and (2) restrictions on paroled sex offenders, or those on conditional release programs.

States including Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas, for example, have passed "No Candy" laws that restrict registered sex offenders from passing out candy on Halloween.

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