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Mr Corbyn was speaking at the New Town Theatre in Edinburgh on Sunday in conversation with comedian and broadcaster Susan Morrison, on the last day of his five-day tour of Scotland.

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Earlier in an interview with The Sunday Post, he confirmed his intention to lead the party into the next election.

'I think that becomes difficult and very problematic.

I want a Labour government that is going to legislate better working conditions for everybody across the UK.'Mr Corbyn has been targeting marginal seats held by the SNP on his tour of Scotland. I am not a betting man but many in my family wish I was.'We went into the General Election being dismissed by what you might call the commentariat but we mounted a campaign which was transformational.' Mr Corbyn admitted he was not satisfied with the election result despite his party doing far better than expected.

As part of the IRB process, the researcher is requested to identify and address the risks of harm or discomfort to which subjects may be exposed as they participate in the proposed research.

The design of the research should be such that all risks are minimized as much as possible, and that any remaining risks are clearly identified to participants so that they may make an informed choice about whether or not to participate in the research.

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