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Danny De Vito plays Martini, a slow but charming and sweet man, who means know harm in what he does or say.

Christopher Lloyd plays Taber, a man, who also voluntarily institutionalized himself.

To escape labor duties in prison, Mc Murphy pleads insanity and is sent to a ward for the mentally unstable.

Once here, Mc Murphy both endures and stands witness to the abuse and degradation of the oppressive Nurse Ratched, who gains superiority and power through the flaws of the other inmates.

O atobá-marrom é uma ave marinha que habita águas tropicais ao longo do planeta. A informação tem origem em uma pesquisa conduzida em ilhas no litoral do Rio de Janeiro, segundo a qual quase dois terços dos ninhos examinados contêm lixo.

A espécie, encontrada em todo o litoral brasileiro, tem o hábito de se alimentar próximo das ilhas de nidificação. A exposição dos filhotes à poluição desde o início de suas vidas pode constituir uma nova ameaça a determinadas espécies de aves marinhas.

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Randall meets many new friends in this place, Brad Dourif who plays Billy Bibbit, is a mentally unstable, but voluntarily institutionalized person.Lousie Fletcher plays Nurse Ratched, a soft; but strong willed nurse, who will not take anything from anyone, or put up with misbehavior.She watches Randall, and notices something different about him, he's not as psycho as the others, but he is a little out there.This movie so entertained the viewer, as it did fascinate, and inform.A chilling, disturbing, and revealing look into the mental institutions as seen through the eyes of a con.

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