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Sign up for our Crime Time Newsletter and subscribe to our Martinis & Murder podcast!When Lindsay Lohan’s parents Dina and Michael split in 2007 after 22 years of marriage, their dramatic divorce played out in the headlines. Michael gave interviews saying Lindsay should steer clear of her mother.Executions haven’t been carried out in the state of California since 2006, so it’s likely he’ll live out the rest of his days in jail, living a life that’s been called “shockingly comfortable” by the media, with Scott’s own father, Lee Patterson, saying he’s “doing wonderfully”, a releif to those who believe he was unfairly incarcerated. If you’re intrigued and want to know more, Oxygen’s “Snapped Notorious: Scott Peterson,” a two-part special premiers Sunday, May 7th at 6PM ET/PT.Crime Time is your destination for breaking crime news, original reporting, and information about Oxygen's programming.Then Dina made shocking domestic abuse accusations that Michael would harm both her and […] James Franco won in the Best Actor category for his role in The Disaster Artist at the Critics Choice Awards on Thursday, January 11 — but he wasn’t there to accept the award.In fact, an onlooker tells Us Weekly that no one clapped when his name was announced.The most shocking fact of the Scott Peterson case was the crime itself: his wife, Laci Peterson was murdered and dismembered, and was eight months pregnant at the time. But there was so many more shocking details to the case, including the fact that Scott Peterson was put on death row without any hard evidence to actually link him to the murder.Here are some of the most shocking facts about the remorseless crime that took the life of a young mother and her unborn child.

There was no DNA tying him to the deaths of Laci and the baby.Scott also bought a 14-foot aluminium boat just weeks before she disappeared, which she never mentioned to her loved ones.Scott was dating Amber Frey, who went to police in December, almost a month after Laci’s disappearance.Amber told police she had no idea Scott was married, and cooperated with police by letting them listen in on Scott’s phone calls.One of the phone calls police recorded between Amber and Scott occured while he was in attendance at a candlelight vigil for Laci.

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